Easy Removal Metal Ice Trays with Handle – Stainless Steel Ice Cube Maker and stand, 36 Slot Mold – BPA-Free, Food-Grade Freezer Molds for Baby Food, Juice, Popsicles (2 Pack)

Long gone are the days of using cheap, plastic ice trays that crack, break, and are nearly impossible to remove ice from. Global Quest® has revolutionized manually freezing ice with the Icenator® – a 304 stainless steel ice tray with handle that quickly freezes water and efficiently allows you to remove the cubes without twisting, pushing, or excessive maneuvering

Metal Tray with Quick-Release Handle Is:
✓ 100% Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel
✓ PVC & BPA-Free
✓ Dishwasher Friendly
✓ Comprised of 2 Ice Trays with Stand
✓ Easy release lever with handle
✓ Makes 36 cubes
✓ Great for filtered water, baby food, juice
✓Vintage Design, Modern Technology
✓Quicker Freezing, Slower Melting

Icenator - Metal Ice Tray ( double)
US$8.95 (shipping)
Total: US$64.90